Tarbil – Agricultural Monitoring and Information System

I worked in the field application part of the Tarbil project, which provides a wide utilization area for farmers, such as determining the ideal planting date, hourly precipitation forecast, agricultural warnings and irrigation management, based on its location and seed.

During the project both at the existing stations and at the new stations to be established;
System optimization
Efficient use of energy
• System panel design
• Determination of system components
• Field organization
• Efficiency plan of the installation area
• Test, control and acceptance procedures
actively took part in the departments.

In line with the improvements, organization plans and field management, the project cost;
• 3% financial savings were achieved.
• Time savings corresponding to 2% cash provision were achieved.

Project Info

Project Date: 2013 – 2015

Project Budget: 15.000.000 ₺

Project Place: Turkey (Maramara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, Mediterranean, Southest Anatolia Regions)

Technologies: Renewable Energy, Telemetry Systems, Weather Forecast, Yield Tracking