The role of a technology consultant; we are helping our clients use technology better. Most of the time, the methods behind technology consulting help a business by:

  • Improving the processes that take place
  • Reducing the costs of the company
  • Maximizing any tech opportunities

Today, consulting means a lot more. It can play a huge role in digital strategy or technology change. As it is evolving so quickly, this area of work is becoming essential in helping organizations to grow.

Consulting services are developing and implementing any technology to accelerate business growth, manage risk better, reduce cost, or change how the system is functioning.

Our Services

  1. Web Development

    More than 15 years of experience with projects done for clients across the world can make your every web development project come true.

    • Valid code
    • Fast loading time
    • Bug-free
    • User-friendly
    • SEO-friendly

    Work in line with the latest trends in new technologies and responsive design. Always active participants at international web technologies conferences.

  2. Network Systems

    Maximum efficiency is targeted thanks to the design of communication technologies specifically for corporations, by gaining the advantages of cost, business continuity and access to information from anywhere at any time.

    Designing network integration solutions of all sizes that require field expertise and project experience as brand-independent and turnkey, with providing maintenance support.

    • Wide Area Network Solutions (WAN)
    • Local Area Network Solutions (LAN)
    • Wireless Area Network Solutions (WLAN)
    • Content Optimization Solutions (Load Balancing)
    • Structured Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions
    • Network Management and Reporting Solutions
  3. Production Management

    If a company wants to stay ahead of the competition, its factories and production facilities have to operate at maximum technical, logistical and organizational performance levels. Continuous improvement as well as more drastic, fundamental changes and adaptions are decisive to a factory’s sustained success.

    Helping to find correct solution for your requirements. Based on hardware and software requirements.

  4. Project Managemenet

    Taking over the coordination of internal and external partners and controlling as well, depending on your needs. You will have an overview of the actual status of your project at all times and be ensured that the specified times are adhered to – for more planning reliability and regulated coordination.

    Process Steps

    • Specifications
    • Analysis of current state
    • Defining the project objectives
    • Pilot projects
      • Recognizing the degree of repetition in your processes
      • Introduction to functional engineering
      • Introduction to generators
      • Implementing the “configuring and generating” method“
    • Optimization
    • Design support
    • Development of project guidelines
    • Proof of economic benefit using the TBU method
  5. Corporate Systems Solutions

    Aims to increase the productivity of enterprise solutions using the best technology.

    This also necessitates the existence of infrastructure that can provide this technology. Here is the technology that will allow the management of a large number of enterprises IT Component difficult upgrade inefficient in terms of both the structure and the high costs of capacity utilization can be obtained.

    This technology is an important component of the portfolio will meet the needs of both hardware and software-based solutions to customers in the Server, Client, and UMPC products offer the highest level of service quality. This service quality and wide range of products, as a product of the synergy created with the world’s leading brands provide.


Brief History

July 2018

Technology Consultant – ∞


Executive Officer – Private Corporation


Project Manager – Private Corporation


Executive Officer – Private Corporation


Project Manager – Private Corporation


Implementary Chief – Government Project


IT Technician – Private Corporation


Web Developer – Freelance


IT Technician – Private Corporation


Software Support Technician – Public Hospital

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