Hamzadere Irrigation Solar Energy

Measured for the year 2016 is 501 billion tons of annual rainfall received by Turkey. From this amount, 274 billion tons of evaporation returns to the atmosphere. When the distribution of precipitation is calculated, 32 billion tons of water remains for use in agriculture.

Due to the evaporation of this water from the dam to the field, 40% returns to the atmosphere.

  • 140lt water consumption for 100lt need
  • 40% more electricity consumption
  • Maintenance costs of overworked pumps
  • Standard losses in electricity transmission lines

Including invisible expenses, a loss of 55 million ₺.

worked on projecting, presentation, and costing. Since the financial pillar could not be resolved by the institution, project was not implemented.

Project Info

Project Date: December 2016

Project Budget: 2.027.393,40 € (Planned)

Project Place: Turkey – Edirne