20kW Solar Electricity Courthouse

In the single line scheme, which is planned as an electricity-renewable energy-generator, in order to prevent the operation of the courthouse, which is frequently required for the newly built Kananga Courthouse;

  • It will feed 50% of the building
  • Can work for a minimum of 12 hours without interruptio

in the desired project

  • Projecting
  • Product selection
  • Optimization
  • Assembly
  • Deployment
  • Requirements of testing, control and acceptance processes

worked in the departments.

According to the demand of 12 hours daily, in the tests; after 12 hours at full load, the batteries are 40% charged.

Project Info

Project Date: May 2017

Project Budget: 80.000 $

Project Place: Democratic Republic of Congo – Kananga

Technologies: Total 20kW solar panel, 3phase system, 108kW battery group